The Ananda Mela is an inspiring and welcoming festival for all ages, offering the experience of a spiritual lifestyle in an open and relaxed atmosphere.


    • Deep relaxation with twice daily meditation and yoga
    • Healthy gourmet vegan and vegetarian food
    • Fun and innovative workshops
    • A full 12 hours of chanting (kiirtan) on the middle day of the week
    • Entertaining creative activities for children and youth
    • Inspiring world music, dance performances and sports

    The festival has been running at the Ananda Palli community in Stanthorpe, Queensland for 32 years. We would like to thank everyone who has participated over the years for making the Mela the blissful event that we all love.

    News from the 32nd Mela!

    The 2014 Ananda Mela was a fun and uplifting week of new and old connecting, deepening spirituality and engaging workshops. Presenters drew on a wide range of experience and expertise to express the theme, Soil to Soul.

    Aboriginal activist, Wiruungga Dunggiirr, opened the Mela with a traditional welcoming ceremony. The festive atmosphere was quickly set with the help of lively games led by the well resourced Doni Gannon.

    Education and Futures specialist, Manorainjan Bussey, began the workshops by engaging participants in imagining the day to day reality of life in various stages of civilization from hunter gatherer to industrial, and the views of life that evolved out of and sustained them. The exercise posed the same challenge for the post-industrial age into which we are transitioning, and a remarkably high level of consensus formed around the conclusion – that we need a whole other session for this at the next Mela.

    Dr. Bussey also presented on Neo-humanist Education. The workshop began with ‘presencing’, an exercise that helped participants’ attune to the stories of all things from simple objects to the heart of humanity. This was followed by ‘imagining’, where the bridges we are crossing on our way to Neo-humanist Education were presented in a thought provoking poem. Finally, in ‘thinking implications,’ the group divided to discuss and debate the implications of change that reach back to us from our future visions. What all agreed on was that education today was in need of a considerable dose of spirit to help it achieve the broader goals that planet and community require of it.

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